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Current News....

I'm working on a Hall of Fame page, check it out! I had to abbreviate hall of fame to HoF for allowable spacing. Thanks to Steve King it's working. To check it out click on the tab "HoF", as you would with schedule, Roster/stats, BoxScores etc.

Congratulations to Pain Institute for winning the SSIL Tournament, they beat Texas Roadhouse 9-6.

The new Board is officially in office today (4/17), following the game that was played.

Next week I will update  the pages that must be updated.

See " John Bonzcyk is running" below for new info! UPDATE: Tournament for Friday April 18th is cancelled and will be played Monday April 21st. Please call John at 732 779 7066 if you can't make that date.

The election votes were counted this afternoon and witnessed by Board Member Bill Schug:
Mike Labriola - President
Juan Rios- 1st Vice President
Larry Dodson- 2nd Vice President
Bill Schug- Treasurer
Dan Castillo-Secretary

  A Word From The President:


A Word from the Editor...

You can now Google or Yahoo onto the SSIL website, just type in "ssilsoftball.com" in the search box and look for Spring Hill Senior Softball. A domain name was established also, it's ssil-softball.

Click "LEAGUE INFO" to find Officer Phone Numbers, Player Application, Waiver Forms, Team Lineup Cards, etc.

SSIL Community News Items..

A new feature has been added to the website. In the "League Info" page you will notice a "Suggestion/Rule Change Form, anyone who would like to offer a suggestion or propose a rule change, print and fill out the form. The form is to be used responsibly, any objectionable or inappropriate matter will be discarded. Once filled out hand it to any Board Member. I will meet with the Board and figure out how to properly handle the requests.

 All players should read the League's Rules and By Laws every year for new changes to the rules.
Managers are responsible to contact the President if his team is in need of a pool player, the day before the game.
For players who do not have computer access:
All managers need to ask their players if they have computer access.
If a player does not have access, Managers need to provide a list of names to the President of the League, so a copy of the League's rules and by laws can be given to them.
Managers need to provide them a copy of their team schedule or call these players when games are to be played.
Managers will also be responsible to contact each of these players if we have a cancelled game.
All Players are responsible to contact their manager if they:-will miss a game.
-Will be late to a game.
-Have to leave the game early. 

Birthdays this month April: John Loos (07), Larry Dodson (17), John Barbato (23), Syd Andrews (23), John Radscheid (26), Mark Dewar (28).

I joined the coaches club at Sports Authority. See me for discounts for any sports items that you may need. The discounts range from 5% off to 10 and 20 % discounts. I will have the discount sheets with me at the games.


Health and Welfare...



Travel Teams...

Jerry Flannery , Bill Denegar and Dave Henley won the Qualifier last weekend.



SSIL is starting It's Eighth Year!

The Senior Softball Invitational League (SSIL) is starting it's eighth season. This league boasts of signing the best 50+ softball players in Hernando County (and some from Pasco and Citrus) playing good/crisp competitive softball in the Spring Hill area.

The SSIL website is also the best softball website in Spring Hill. Our goal is to keep the players (and their families) well informed with notices, a 2-week schedule, etc. We are now the only Spring Hill website where anyone (players and their families) can follow the season thru league standings, individual game box scores, and complete year-to-date player stats. In addition, Current By-Laws, game Rules and minutes of every League, are available to be read and even printed thru-out the year.

Check the "COMMAND buttons" on the top; use them to navigate to the various SSIL sections. Since games are played Tue/Thu; my goal is to publish every Friday (worse case maybe Sat).

This website is for those who follow the SSIL... please enjoy it and comment on things you like and dislike. As in previous years I will post by Friday of the week just completed, although most times posting occurs by Thursday evening.

Our scorekeeper, Sal Ficarra keeps score (at the games) on a laptop with help from Cindy Labriola.

Good luck to all the players, have fun and don't get hurt. This is your site, use it, if only to send recipes or complain about my handling of the site. Sal Ficarra







T2 Rookies/Draft House 11 4 .733 --
T4 Dr. Chaney/American Legion 10 5 .667 .5
T5 Dr.Higgins/Moose Lodge 8 7 .533 3
T1 Interventional Pain Inst 4 10 .286 6.5
T3 Texas Roadhouse 4 11 .267 7
see rosters for 1st half record      

This Week's Schedule

4/10 09:30am   W3/T1* vs W2/T3 Vet
  10:45am  S3/T4* vs S2/T2
4/15 9:30am T4 vs T5 gm6* Vet
10:45am W gm6 vs T3* gm7 Vet
4/17 9:30am T1 vs T3* Vet

Next Week's Schedule

4/22 09:30am Season is over Vet
  10:45am   Vet
4/24 9:30am   Vets
10:45am   Vets
4/25 10:45am   Vets

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