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Last Updated: 04 February 2016 8:49 PM  -- You are the th visit to this site.

Current News


Thanks to Vic who umpired todays game. Vic umped for the SSIL a couple of years ago, thanks again Vic.

Congratulations to Phil Biedronski and Tommy Giles, see "Travel Teams" below.

The Board has suspended Bill Bourguignon for the next playable game. Hector Ortiz, Bill's manager requested the meeting to explain that Bill left without saying anything to anyone, he was in the original lineup. The suspension of one game was requested by Mrg. Ortiz.

Good news: back to 9:30 AM due to Florida weather that we're here for "FINALLY".

I placed fellow player Al Johnson's business card to the right under "League Leaders"

February birthday's are posted, if I missed someone let me know.

A chance to visit a sponsor. The Elks Lodge has all you can eat Spagetti night the first Saturday of the month. This month it will be on February 6th at 5:00 PM. The dinner consists of spagetti, 1 meatball, 1 sausage and salad for $6.00. Speaking as a frequent visitor to the all you can eat night, the sauce is made from scratch on the premise, other SSIL members have ate there and enjoyed it. We have a chance the next couple of months to show our appreciation by having a large showing. Membership is not required.

A player change was made with approval of all concerned. Cesar Mendez went to Dr Higgins/Dr Chaney and JR Lambert went to Pizza Villa. Change is effective immediately.

Welcome to the SSIL JR Labert who made his debut with Dr Higgins/Dr Chaney. Highlite of the day, if not the year was a running catch by Mike Labriola. He ran from left field into left center field and made the catch behind the left center fielder.

See "SSIL Community News Items" below, it's about another golf outing.

It's habit forming! another message, this time from Bobby Bair, "come on Karma I leave and you fall apart, no all kidding aside, miss the softball and a great bunch of guys, maybe some of you can come up to Pittsburg and help shovel snow:) Sal keep up the good work with the League. Condolences to Mike and Cindy on their loss and any others. Stay healhy, keep playing ball. Might see you all again to play......see you later! Bob Chico Bair". Nice to hear from Bob!

Another concerned player using the website's advantages. Jerry Matthews sent the following message using the comments section in "League Info" page. Jerry's message: The vast majority of players favor the ball we are using this year, it makes for a level playing field for such a wide spread in the ages of players. Any ball change should be put to a vote". Thanks Jerry and I hope it encourages others to use the site for responsible comments.

Things are getting tight standings wise. Dr. Higgins/Dr. Chaney are missing 4 very good players who are hurt or out of town.

I just added Dennis Harmon's business to the right under "League Leaders", incase you need his phone number for plumbing issues. 

Mark Victor lost his bat, it is a Miken ultra2 with a red stripe around the handle that has his initials "MV". Anyone sho might have picked it up by mistake please see Mark at the field. 


A Word from the President:

When a team needs a player and they already have ten players, the Board member who must give the team a replacement will verify the addition by first speaking to the tenth team rostered player to verify the rostered players ability to play.

The managers will have to be diligent with giving the scorekeeper the lineup 10 to 15 minutes before game time so there won't be a delay in the start of the game. The umpire will be asked not to allow a team to take the field until the lineup is completed. 

A Word from the Editor...

I just installed a copy of the Vets field permit in "LeagueInfo" page, should the need to prove that the field is asigned to the SSIL ever comes up.  

In the "LeagueInfo" page you will see a comments box, thanks to Steve King it can now be used. If you would like to make a comment fill out the appropriate lines and make your comment. The comments will be sent to my (Sal Ficarra-editor) e-mail address. All messages will be sent to the President or if he's not available to the next Board member available.

Finally someone is using the comment box!
first name: Tina
last name: Rios
Comments: We\'ll all miss you big time Bobby and we hope things work out well for you and your family. Your were a great asset to WHACS & a great friend\"
on behalf of the SSIL as (editor) (I) would like to say \"Bob you are a very good player, and a better person. You were a credit to the SSIL and will be missed! Why do you add editor or I it should be we your friends and why was Hector not giving credit for his shut out? just saying <3

Anyone having trouble with the website roster page open the website in internet explorer.
You can now Google or Yahoo onto the SSIL website, just type in "ssilsoftball.com" in the search box and look for Spring Hill Senior Softball. A domain name was established also, it's ssil-softball.

Click "LEAGUE INFO" to find Officer Phone Numbers, Player Application, Waiver Forms, Team Lineup Cards, etc.

SSIL Community News Items...

Quakes Annual Gilf Outing

Saturday March 12, 2016 at Hernando Oaks. 8:30 Shotgun 4 person best ball scramble. $45.00 per person, includes 18 holes of golf-food-prizes.
One person of each foursome must be a member of WHACS-SSIL-Anderson Snow Seniors.
Deadline Maech 5, 2016. Contact Ron Quatkemeyer 352-600-7727 

A message from Matt Roseanu: The 2nd annual Whacs day at the races (Tampa Bay Downs) will be held on Thursday February 25th, 2016. , more info to follow. Start saving your money. Matt!


Al Johnson asked me to post the following: To all SSIL, Whacs & Anderson Snow players & guests who attended our Rays Fan Bus trips this past season Thank You! The Rays 2016 schedule is out & I'm looking at L. A. Dodgers (of course), Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles and/or N Y Yankees as possible trips. Will keep you informed.

All players should read the League's Rules and By Laws every year for new changes to the rules.
Managers are responsible to contact the President if his team is in need of a pool player, the day before the game.

All managers need to ask their players if they have computer access.  For players who do not have computer access:

     - Managers need to provide a list of names to the President of the League, so a copy of the League's rules and by laws can be given to them.

     - Managers need to provide them a copy of their team schedule or call these players when games are to be played.

     - Managers will also be responsible to contact each of these players if we have a cancelled game.

All Players are responsible to contact their manager if they:-will miss a game.
    - Will be late to a game.
    - Have to leave the game early.

February Birthdays: Lou Hernandez (01), Sal Ficarra (03), Emir Abreu (05), Lou Rios (06).  

Health and Welfare...


Travel Teams...

Congratulations to Phil Biedronski and Tommy Giles for winning the 2016 ISSA/ISF World Championship on Jan 29 - 31 held in Plant City and Tampa Florida. The TB Financial team from the Villages was presented rings, jackets and plaques for winning the Championship. See picture in "Picture this" page.

Click hyperlink below for Half Century voter results: Documents/Results one pitch and state tournament eligibility.pdf

SSIL is Ten Years Old !

The Senior Softball Invitational League (SSIL) is starting it's tenth season. This league boasts of signing the best 50+ softball players in Hernando County (and some from Pasco and Citrus) playing good/crisp competitive softball in the Spring Hill area.

The SSIL website is also the best softball website in Spring Hill. Our goal is to keep the players (and their families) well informed with notices, a 2-week schedule, etc. We are now the only Spring Hill website where anyone (players and their families) can follow the season thru league standings, individual game box scores, and complete year-to-date player stats. In addition, Current By-Laws, game Rules and minutes of every League, are available to be read and even printed thru-out the year.

Check the "COMMAND buttons" on the top; use them to navigate to the various SSIL sections. Since games are played Tue/Thu; my goal is to publish every Friday (worse case maybe Sat).

This website is for those who follow the SSIL... please enjoy it and comment on things you like and dislike. As in previous years I will post by Friday of the week just completed, although most times posting occurs by Thursday evening.

Good luck to all the players, have fun and don't get hurt. This is your site, use it, if only to send recipes or complain about my handling of the site. Sal Ficarra







T4 Elks Lodge/Rookies 7 2 .778 -
T1 Karma Spirits & Cafe 6 3 .667 1
T2 Pizza Villa Restaurant 4 5 .445 3
T3 Dr. Higgins/Dr. Chaney     1 8 .111 6
* Won

This Week's Schedule

02/09 9:30am T4 vs T1 Vet
10:45pm T3 vs T2 Vet
02/11 9:30am T1 vs T3 Vet
10:45pm T2 vs T4 Vet

Next Week

02/16 09:30am T4 vs T2 Vet
10:45am T3 vs T1 Vet
02/18 09:30am T4 vs T3 Vet
10:45am T2 vs T1 Vet


Tuesday - Game ONE

 02/02  Al Johnson went 4-4 & Juan Rios went 5-5 as Karma beat Pizza Villa. Bill Denegar went 5-5 & Mark Dewar 4-5 for Pizza Villa.

Tuesday - Game TWO

 02/02 Juan Rivera went 3-3 & Ron Seidel, Cesar Mendez & Jerry Flannery went 3-4 for DR Higgins/Dr Chaney. The Elks Lodge nipped Dr Higgins/DR Chaney 18-17. John Loos went 4-4 & John Barbato, Dennis Harmon & Luby Best had a 3-3 day.

Thursday - Game THREE

02/04 Ed Tepper went 3-4 & Phil Mazzullo hit one out for Pizza Villa. Joe Bauman & Cesar Mendez went 3-4 & Hector Ortiz almost had a grand slam as he was thrown out at the plate on a very close call. Dr Higgins/Dr Chaney got their first win of the second half.

Thursday - Game FOUR

02/04 Tony Ragonesi went 3-4 & Al Johnson went 3-5 with a triple and Mike Labriola went 3-4 with a triple & Ron Valure hit an inside the park homer as Karma slowed down a runaway train by beating 2nd half leader Elks Lodge. Woody Mills went 3-4 for Elks.

Batting Average
Al Johnson T1 86 .640
Ron Valure T1 77  .623
Miguel Rivera T3 70 .614
Mark Dewar T2 84 .583
Joe Bauman T3 79 .582