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Last Updated: 30 April 2016 10:31 AM  -- You are the th visit to this site.

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Sadly, today ends this SSIL website. Soon after we returned from the Christmas break, I was approached by Secretary Dan Castillo in front of Karma our sponsor. Dan told me without any explanation that they had a new webmaster, the only problem was the new webmaster couldn't begin until September. I was surprised by his statement and replied that my website would continue only until the current season ended. I kept this from everyone so as not to create problems of any kind from the players, fans. When the season ended and we celebrated at Karmas I approached  President Nilo Menendez and congratulated him on his new position, I then told him I would extend the shutting down of the website for all of the month of April, so he could use it as he needed. The website is down with the exception of the suggestion box in the "League Info" page. I left it there so anyone can question anything that took place or correct or authenticate anything they may have heard. Just fill in the boxes below "tell us what you think", when you click send I will receive the message in my e-mail and reply to all in the order that I receive them. The questions must be just concerning the website. So now to all the ballplayers and fans from far and near who have injoyed the website as much as I enjoyed running it, I say "Goodbye".




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